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07 May 2010 @ 04:21 pm
Application for gargleblasted  

Name: Auste
Are you over 16?: Four years over 16.
Personal LJ: austere_flare
Email: thistledream@yahoo.com
Timezone: GMT +8
Other contact: truthstealer @ AIM, austerely @ Skype
Characters already in the game: N/A
How did you find us?: Through my friends who also have characters here. =3


Character name: Larry Butz
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Timeline: Post-Ace Attorney Investigations (from here on out there will be spoilers for every game Larry appears in!)
Age: 25

~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: According to Miles Edgeworth, Larry's entire life is a contradiction and I suppose that in itself is a huge achievement Larry's greatest characteristic is his loyalty. Though Miles and Phoenix Wright sometimes (often) think he's a handful, he still sticks by them, whether they like it or not, and doesn't lie to them. Although of course, he will keep important information to himself if it will jeopardize their relationship - or just get him into a load of trouble. Once Larry becomes your friend, you have a friend for as long as you can put up with his shenanigans and his somewhat disorganized way of thinking.

He is also very persistent - and not only in matters of romance and getting girlfriends. Though many of his relationships end for some reason or another and he ends up pining for a lost love, he moves on later and tries again. But Larry works hard outside romance too. He will do what he can to lend a hand - whether it's presenting his art as evidence of surreal happenings or (accidentally) finding new leads to seemingly hopeless cases.

Larry is also working on his art skills, and though at first his drawings look as if a kid drew them, he gets better, and if you tell him to draw what he sees, he will - even if you might not get it at first. He is also apparently good at paper crafting; when they were in elementary school, he bested Miles at it. Not only that, he actually made clocks that resemble The Thinker for himself and for one of his girlfriends.

How would they use their abilities?: He would most certainly try to impress a girl, or help people out. However, he can unknowingly cause a bit of trouble even with his good intentions. For example, while trying to help a NPC, he can attempt to go the extra mile and end up breaking a few things on the ship in the process. Larry will follow the rules, but sometimes he just can't help but create a few minor situations here and there.

Appearance: Have some pic! Larry has light brown hair that sticks up and a small goatee. His eyes are black and very animated; they're hardly "pools of emotionless shadow" or anything of the sort. 177 centimeters tall and gangly, he often has that casual air about him (although the judge claims that he is a "useless-looking" man), and usually wears equally casual clothes. However, the jobs he takes tend to require him to wear something else, be it a costume or a security guard uniform.

Larry Butz is hopelessly romantic and romantically hopeless. He always has some new girlfriend who would eventually become an ex later on. After all, with his unwavering loyalty, uncontrollable impulse and boyish, clumsy naivete, it's very easy to take advantage of him and then leave him behind when he no longer entertains you. And when that happens, he breaks down into a sobbing, ranting mess...and eventually moves on to find a new girl and a new job. Then he'll be over the moon with his new woman, think that they have something between them, and the cycle repeats itself as Larry is devastated once more. He's an emotional rollercoaster, raving about something good one moment and then whining about being accused for murder (when he's not). For example, he constantly takes note of Phoenix's and Miles' perceived "good luck" with the ladies; they have young female assistants tagging along with them on their cases, after all, and their escapades as lawyers lets them meet women along the way.

But despite that, he's also very stubborn - whether with his girlfriends or with his friends. He strives to do his best - even when he knows that trouble is close by (and usually he doesn't), and is always willing to lend a hand to his friends. However, he can be very hesitant to divulge important information due to various reasons - others may not believe him, or it's just too...embarrassing. Sometimes it takes a bit of persuasion...or even spiritual magic.

Small wonder, then, that ever since they were kids, "when something smells, it's always the Butz". Phoenix and Miles know it like a personal mantra and know enough to steer away from the source of trouble (even if he finds them anyway) - or to steer the source away from the trouble.

Phoenix, Larry and Miles were classmates in elementary school. In the fourth grade, Phoenix was accused of stealing a student's lunch money, and in their class trial, it seemed that everyone was convinced that he did it. However, Miles - the victim - objected and pointed out that there was no definite evidence to blame Phoenix for the theft. Larry agreed, and after Phoenix was exonerated, the three boys became friends. In fact, Phoenix named Miles and Larry as inspirations for becoming a defense attorney. However, after the incident that cost Miles his father, he moved away, presumably leaving Larry and Phoenix behind.

Fifteen years later, Larry was on the chopping block as the prime suspect in the murder of his erstwhile girlfriend, Cindy Stone. Phoenix, who had become a lawyer but had yet to take on a case, stepped up (with help from mentor Mia Fey, of course) to defend his friend. The trial ended in favor of the defense, and Larry's name was cleared. In return, Larry gave Phoenix a clock - but not just any clock. It was a clock he had made to look like The Thinker, which would later on become the deadly weapon in Phoenix's second case.

Months later, Miles sat in the defendant's chair with the same charges against him, and Phoenix chose to become his attorney. At that time, Larry was working as a seller of Samurai Dogs at Gourd Lake - and of course, had another girlfriend. According to him, on the night of the shooting, he had encountered a problem while inflating a Steel Samurai doll, and it was propelled into Gourd Lake with a loud bang that had been mistaken for a gunshot. His testimony helped establish the fact that there had been more than one gunshot, casting further doubt on the prosecution's case. Later on, Larry helped Phoenix tell the story of how they knew Miles to Maya Fey, and continued to support them until Miles' acquittal. In the end, the three childhood friends were "reunited", and the shadow of the case, as well as the related DL-6 incident which took Miles away from Phoenix and Larry, was dissipated. Plus, Larry confessed to a crime he committed a long time ago - he was the culprit responsible for taking Miles' lunch money, and paid him back. It just goes to show that even though it was a decade and a half late, and Phoenix ended up on the hot seat for nothing in that classroom trial, Larry did own up eventually.

Phoenix and Larry crossed paths again while the former was working on the Mask*DeMasque case. Larry was working at KB Security then, and claimed to have seen the defendant, Ron DeLite, in the building at the time of Mask*DeMasque's latest heist and the murder; he even had evidence in the form of Ron's wallet and key card. However, he also admitted to not being at his post during his shift - because of, as usual, another girl. Only this one happened to be taken, and his boyfriend taught Larry a lesson he would never forget...for a little while. Larry was pretty ashamed of this, though; he can long for women who are already taken and sometimes doesn't take notice of that fact.

Larry tried his luck next as an artist under the tutelage of famed children's book illustrator Elise Deauxnim, and tagged along with her to Hazakura Temple, taking pride in his "talent". There, Larry not only ran into Phoenix, Maya and Pearl Fey, but also Iris, the beautiful and gentle nun who became his next love interest. He went as far as to write a blackmail letter just to meet with her, which only scared her so much that she (supposedly) never left her room, even as Elise was killed.

At that time, lightning struck the bridge over Eagle River, setting it on fire. When Phoenix crossed the wreckage to get to Maya, who was undergoing her spirit medium training on the other side, he fell into the river. Larry failed to catch him in time, and went to get help. After Phoenix was rushed to the hospital, Larry called up Miles, who would stand in Phoenix's place as Iris' defense attorney - and who would discover Larry's "blackmail" letter (and scold him for improper letter writing). However, there was one thing Larry would not tell Miles - "something interesting" he had seen on the night of the murder. But when he took the witness stand and faced Miles' cross-examination, he divulged the fantastic sight he had seen - a body flying over the blazing bridge, immortalized in his sketchpad. Not only that, he had also found the bloody crystal that was once part of Elise's staff, which was beside the bridge instead of at the courtyard - the perceived scene of the crime.

Larry even took Pearl into the shack he had turned into a makeshift art studio, shielding her from Phoenix's prying, as she fearfully harbored a secret that could make or break the current case. Unlike many people, who are exasperated by Larry's futile attempts to make himself useful, Pearl appreciated him and his proposal that they would stay in a worn-down shack and have stale potatoes. He may not have much common sense, but he knows how to treat children well.

During the second trial, Phoenix revealed that because Larry had been lying on his back when the lightning storm occurred, his drawing was upside-down, and the body - Elise Deauxnim's body - was originally on the other side of the river, and was transported via one of the support wires. The pendulum plan had worked - and became the key to further unlocking the case. Though his theory seemed ludicrous at first, it soon made sense once Phoenix figured out why Larry had drawn it that way and believed that his friend wouldn't sketch a complete lie.

During a show at the Allebahst Embassy not long after, Larry found work as the Steel Samurai. There, he ran into Miles, who was working with Franziska von Karma, Detective Dick Gumshoe, and Kay Faraday to solve the mystery of Manny Coachen's murder. Larry reminded Franziska of her so-called "promise" to pose for his book entitled "Franzy's Whippity Whip Trip" - and needless to say, he was turned down and whipped soundly. In fact, he had been asking her to pose for him ever since the Hazakura Temple case despite all the whipping; that's how persistent he can get. Actually, the first time Larry met Miles was while wearing the Steel Samurai costume, and he gave the prosecutor an autograph, whose value rapidly decreased once Miles found out who the Steel Samurai really was. But Larry didn't seem to be affected at all when Miles berated him for getting into another sticky situation and for being the Steel Samurai.

Larry was accused of killing Ka-Shi Nou a.k.a. Mask*DeMasque II in the embassy because the weapon found at the scene (though not the actual murder weapon) was the Steel Samurai sword, and because of Larry's suspicious actions, which were once again due to a girl he liked. Mindy, who plays the Pink Princess, had caught his eye, and he had wanted to surprise her by climbing down his chimney like Santa Claus. But his plan went awry when a love letter he had sent beforehand ended up in the wrong hands - in Wendy Oldbag's hands. She had subbed for Mindy, and instantly came to the conclusion that she had a stalker. Luckily, Miles was able to prove Larry's innocence - as well as the fact that he does crazy stunts sometimes, such as diving into fountains to retrieve his Iron Infant prop.

However, Larry proved himself by reappearing at a vital moment - just as Miles was backed into a corner by a criminal mastermind. He had finally found the Iron Infant - which, along with its whereabouts, became a vital piece of evidence that gave Miles an advantage. In fact, at first it almost seemed like Larry was only jubilant at having found the Iron Infant, but unwittingly helped solidify Miles' accusations against Quercus Alba.

Have you read up on how the game works?: The FlamingFerret is the guide plugin! And, Larry can take art requests (drawings or paintings, portraits or no), sell food (although usually he isn't the one who makes it, he could try to cook too, no guarantees that he'll succeed though), and babysit. He can also work as a security guard again, provided he doesn't get so distracted by girls that he leaves his post...again.

1st person sample:
[The video flickers on, and here we have a very agitated man staring very intently at the screen. His eyes look like they're about to pop out of his sockets too.]


One minute I was on a date with my lovely Lily, and we were walking through the park, and then...and then...THERE WERE ALIENS! WHAT THE HECK?! I bet we were abducted!

[He presses his face against the screen now; he probably looks quite squished up on your end.]

HEY! If you're listening right now, aliens, GIVE US BACK OUR WORLD! We weren't even finished with our date, and Lily doesn't even dig the sci-fi stuff! Where is she? If she breaks up with me because she thought I left her behind when we got abducted, IT'S YOUR FAULT! [He jabs a very dangerous index finger toward your direction.] Lily's the love of my life, you know! Just when we were getting somewhere...

[A pause. Well, he's no longer kissing the screen, that's for sure. And he's kind of calming down. Kind of.]

I want some answers! What just happened?! I knew it, I knew we weren't alone in the galaxy, but nooooo, Nick and Edgey and Lily and everyone else didn't believe me...THEY WANTED EVIDENCE! This should be enough evidence to convince them that there are ALIENS and they're TAKING OVER THE WORLD!

(OOC: Lily is just a made-up girl and is not an actual canon character; one can only assume that Larry picks up and gets dumped by so many girlfriends that not all of them are mentioned.)

3rd person sample:
The pool wasn't very quiet, but it wasn't very noisy either. While swimmers and dolphin lovers frolicked over on the right, an artist had the left side all to himself as he surveyed the scenery. In the distance, the water was largely still, disturbed only every now and then by the occasional dolphin.

Larry smiled as he looked for an empty page in his notepad and selected a blue colored pencil. He thought he had a great view, and began to sketch. It was the best way to bide his time, after all, and people did say that his art needed improvement. He sighed; he thought his drawings were good, but then again, it didn't hurt to practice some more. After all, he might have to draw what he witnessed yet again, and if that happened, he hoped that everyone would understand his masterpiece at first glance. Actually, whether or not his sketches would be submitted to court, he just wanted people to appreciate his art more.

He stared at the lake - no, that was a pool, it was just big enough to look like a lake - before scribbling several more lines that, to him, looked like the beginnings of a realistic rippling effect, the aftermath of a dolphin's jump.

With the pencil just an inch from the paper, he paused to wonder where the heck his friends were. They had promised to meet him here and even see his new masterpiece...

Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject: Why yes, it does make things easier. 
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